Sunday, May 20, 2012

Walking in the San Diego hills

We had a very good walk this morning in the Lagunas east of San Diego.  Left the car just as the sun came up, spent about 90 minutes working the chaparral edges, and got into a bunch of quail in both small groups and larger coveys.  My 5-month-old setter Maggie had a wonderful romp and the Astro proved it's value again.  In the brush she was hidden 75% of the time and the Astro kept me calm.  I never saw her point but she was definitely interested in the quail.  She jumped into one big bush and three quail quickly exited.  She was still sniffing the ground under that bush as I walked up.

I also pronounce her to be gun savvy.  I've been firing a blank gun in the field for several weeks now and she has not been worried.  Today we graduated to .32 blanks and still no adverse reaction.  When we were done walking and the pups were kenneled I fired one more blank into the air from about 10' away (Jim Marti's final test).  No problem, I can check that box.

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