Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Head of California's Fish and Game Commission pilloried

Dan Richards, head of the California Fish and Game Commission is facing massive criticism over a hunting trip to Idaho, where he bagged a mountain lion n a hunt near the Salmon River. All perfectly legal and fair chase - no fences, no motorized transport, etc.
Yet there are howls from across the state for his resignation or removal. In my opinion this is ridiculous and unwarranted. Here is a letter that Mr. Richards wrote to his critics... click on image for a better view.


Scampwalker said...

One hell of a letter. I think Commissioner Richards put it better than anyone in his letter.

Andrew Campbell said...

Dan Richard's letter is a great rebuttal to sanctimonious idiots like this assembly member.

My wife had to refrain me from shouting at the TV last night regarding PETA's outrage over the Trump brothers' safari to Zimbabwe. (PETA only has one setting: "outrage".) I have no interest in taking big game in Africa, but the very notion that an organization with a 90+% kill rate in the "shelters" it runs is "outraged" at a legal hunt in another country is as ludicrous as this situation in California.


Greg Loraditch said...

Bravo, Dan Richards. Thank you for stating your letter based on principal.

Remember back when then Democratic President William Clinton basically used the same phrasing about his mis-doings in the oval office? Telling the nation on live TV that this was none of anyone's business, and it was between him, his family, and God.

If it was good enough for Democrats then, it's good enough for California Democrats in office now.