Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Indian Head Strike

Sue is a diminutive little bitch weighing in at approximately 37-lbs. She is just under 2-yrs old and is pretty-well broke; steady to wing and shot, and backs on sight. Her breeding is about 90% Elhew; in the 6th and 7th generation of which all breedings go back to Dr. Nitchman's Champion and great producer, Elhew Strike; through such Champions as Swami, Snakefoot and Big Blaze . The other 10% of her breeding is mostly Rock Acre and Fiddler stock, through Champions Rock Acre Blackhawk and Fiddlin' Rocky Boy. She runs with intensity and purpose, and points with high head and tail. I have hunted her several times this season and she seems to have the stamina and feet for the job.


Mike Spies said...

Jared, she is a very well put together dog. But can she hunt? ;-)

Mark Coleman said...

That's a fine looking dog. Love how she holds that head up.

Jared Tappero said...

Mike -
I hunted her last weekend and finally got her on a covey of Chukar - all previous wild finds had been on Valley Quail. Anyway, she pointed the covey and as we approached the birds they blew out and we never got a shot.....JT

Jackson said...

Boy he's an absolute bute, nothing prettier than a big black pointer in my eyes

Gb jack