Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chukar Odyssey

In northeastern California the Chukar hunting this season has been frustrating to say the least. The lack of precipitation and associated dry conditions in the high desert has scattered the birds, and they are really spooky. The dogs are sticking coveys but the birds are not holding for a decent shot, often flushing when the gunner is 50-or-more yards away. Hopefully things will change with the weather systems that are passing through the area at this time. Friends on the "eastside" are saying there is a smattering of snow on the peaks, down to about 55oo', this will hopefully drive birds down from the cloud-line and make them a little more accessible.

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NVChukar said...

I've hunted chukar 5 times in the last 9 days in Nevada from Lovelock to Gerlach and I agree that the birds have been scattered this season. I'm approaching 30 days this season. I hunted in snow today. Based on what I saw today there is not enough snow to concentrate the birds. They are WILD and loving it! Good luck to all for the last two weeks of the season!