Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A few days in the desert

I spent the past few days hunting chukar on the slopes along highway 395, from Joberg to Independence. Had a great hunt the first day. Rosie & I worked the slopes hard for 3 or 4 hours with just one soft point to show for it - the birds ran out before I could get there.
As we worked along a lower ridge Rosie caught point, facing downhill. I was already in nearly perfect position, and when I took a few more steps the birds blew out, easy crossing shots, downhill right-to-left. I don't usually try for doubles on chukar or quail (hard to find even one dead bird ...), but the first bird crumpled nicely so I took a second shot and folded another. Took 15 minutes to find them both but it was a great start to my chukar season.
While in the Joberg area I met up for a day with Craig Fiehler, a DFG biologist who works the California coastal area. He had never hunted chukar before but I think he enjoyed the day. At least he said that he did - but perhaps just being polite. "First time for adventure, after that for revenge". We found three coveys but never got into position for a shot.
I had been playing phone tag with the Bishop DFG biologist for a couple of days and finally connected while I was on the road. He recommended the west side of the valley so I tried working some of the Sierra slopes. Got into a few quail and a covey of chukar so I'll definitely return. Tough walking though - those slopes are not for the faint of heart. That's it for today. Off to Oregon to visit my daughter for Thanksgiving. Hope all have a wonderful holiday with much cause and opportunity for giving thanks.

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Gary Thompson said...

"Downhill, crossing right to left," that's no easy shot. You sound as though it's matter of fact. I envy your comfort. I hate shooting below my feet. Great pictures of beautiful country.