Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Century old setters

Richard Best, falconer for Captain Gilbert Blaine, with two of the famous "Westdown" Setters- 1912.
These setters appeal to me. Remarkable how they resemble the field bred setters of today.


Gary Thompson said...

Here's a good example of a field bred today dog! This little darling has stolen my heart, Shawn Wayment's Setter.


Craig Peters Rising Sun, MD 443-206-1091 said...

Mike -

I will email you some pictures from the turn of the century that you should enjoy. They go with my thought that what seems like a current trend of slab sided setters the size of a small pony are a modern invention. The original Amesian setters averaged less than 50 lbs or so, were compact and balanced. Not long, tall and 60 some pounds. These compact setters were the setters that Jim Avent ran. Our setters and pointers are different performers today than those, most likely improved bird dogs and trainability. But those dogs of Avent's did not want for speed, range, and 3 hour endurance. Many of the stories of Mr. Avent's National CH exploits had to do with extra scouting/scouts to keep those setters on the grounds.