Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Training in Virginia

On July 4th my son and I headed to South Hill, VA to spend some time with professional trainer Pat Casey. Jim Bush, President of the U.S. Complete, was also there.

Jim has a couple of real nice pups on the ground that are being evaluated. It was great fun to watch the youngsters romp through the Virginia countryside.

Riley had three broke finds but let down a little at the flush. She has absolutely zero interest in backing so we've got some work to do before the Fall trial season starts.

My son (13) and middle daughter (16) have shown an increased interest in our dogs and local field trials. They will both start horseback riding lessons next week and I hope to get them enough experience this summer at Pat's place that they can trial the dogs for me while I'm at sea. Few things in life are better than enjoying your favorite hobby with your family.

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Mike Spies said...

Sounds like you are having fun, Will. Very hot here, and the best I can get done is roading the dogs a couple times a week.