Sunday, March 21, 2010

McGuane again

From Tom McGaune's 'Midstream'

American shame at leisure has produced the latest no-nonsense stance in sport, the "streamside entomologist" and the "head-hunter" being the most appalling instances that come readily to mind. No longer sufficiently human to contemplate the relationship of life to eternity, the glandular modern sport worries whether or not he is wasting time.

Just thought that i would bring this to your attention, since it extrapolates to many areas of life.   


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Jared Tappero said...

I first became familiar with McGuane in the rear cover review of a Jim Harrison book, cannot remember which one. Have since read a couple of his books, "Some Horses", and "The Cadence of Grass" - both good reads. Looks like "Midstream" could be next on the list....