Monday, November 2, 2009

John Yates - a memorial

On September 15th of this year, my friend John Yates died while undergoing major surgery. He had been battling cancer for months.  I will miss him.

John was a trainer and breeder of setters, and helped to develop my dog Ted at his winter camp in Oklahoma several years ago. I spent a lot of time with him that winter in Oklahoma and we became friends. 

john was a tireless and tenacious fighter for the rights of dog owners and founder of the American Sporting Dog Alliance. He made a major difference in the fight to defeat SB250 in California, and had a similar impact in many states where the rights of dog owners have been threatened by animal rights sponsored legislation. 

My heart goes out to John's wife, Donna. 

I will miss him.


Andrew Campbell said...

I didn't know John as well as you, Mike, and I disagreed with his party politics. But no-one fought as passionately for the rights of sporting dogs and their owners as he did. We lost a champion.


Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

I'm sad to hear about John! He certainly was a leader on the front lines in our defense!

Anonymous said...
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