Friday, August 28, 2009

Launch time approaches- excuses for not posting for over a month.

I have been flogging away getting the Airstream ready for another Fall season, building an 'Bob Welch' style dog cap for the F350 (which has been sound-proofed and had new gauges added), and am heading to Baker City to pick up Tommy from trainer Mike McGinnis right after the Dove Opener next week.

I visited my friend Bob Welch in Hailey, Idaho a few weeks ago. We fooled around with a couple of projects, ran some dogs, and I was pleased to be introduced to Nancy Whitehead, the sporting dog photographer and author of a new book, about which I will post later. Bob also hosted me at some outstanding pigeon shooting south of Twin Falls. Thanks, Bob!

Pete, Clair and I will be tasting prairie chickens in northern Nebraska third week of next month. After we finish and Clair flies off for his next adventure, Pete and I will head to eastern Montana for another week of prairie birds. Pete, being gainfully employed as an expert rocket scientist, will then return to the arsenal of democracy, and I will head to Michigan to to meet Dale and hunt grouse and woodcock - never hunted woodcock!

Returning from Michigan to Montana, I will be hunting with a couple of newer friends, and enjoying some dog work, before heading to Saskatchewan where I will meet with Clair and Dave Brown for more fun on the prairies. I hope that it will be a busy couple months.

My club will be hosting the US Complete Shooting Dog Association's NW Region Championship in November at the K-Arrow Ranch near Jamestown, California. I hope Ted is ready and fit from a seven weeks of bird hunting. I also hope that he is still broke enough to place in the trial.


Dale Hernden said...

I'm looking forward to your visit and hope both the weather and woodcock flights cooperate.


Eric G said...

I'm jealous out of my mind. Sounds like a fantastic fall!

Craig Peters Rising Sun, MD 410-658-1091 said...

You and Dale take it easy on the MI birds. I'll be in WI about 1 October if you want to studder step the airstream through the UP and upper WI on your way back to the prairies.


mdmnm said...

Great itinerary! Color me jealous as well. Hope you all have good weather and find lots of birds.