Saturday, June 6, 2009

This and that

Summer is here and the dogs seem to know that it is time for lazing about:

But I'm keeping busy with a few tasks that anticipate being out in the wild places this fall. Folks who run bird dogs all seem to enjoy good food and beverages (why is that?) and good cooking was an important reason for getting a trailer. But the small size of the kitchen does present a few challenges. Lack of counter space is one of those challenges but I've improved that situation with a cutting board that fits into the sink; a strainer under the cut-out catches the trimmings:

Finding a good but small roasting pan was another challenge. I enjoy a chuck roast with carrots and onions, slow cooked in dark beer, but the oven is only 6.5" tall. After touring through antique stores I found this wonderful piece of cast iron that fits with an inch to spare:

It is a very clever design. The lid is flat so it can be used as a small frying pan. The lid also pivots on a "hinge" and is quite stable when standing straight up - a nice feature in a small kitchen.

That's it from San Diego. Nothing too important, but a few small pleasures.
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