Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Looking at a new addition

This lovely 16 gauge A.H. Fox C grade extractor gun has come to me as a possible trade for another of my SxS guns. It is the fourth 16 gauge gun that Fox Gun Co. built when they began production of small gauge Fox guns in 1912. This gun weighs 5 lbs. 12 oz. with 28 inch barrels and is lively. It is even 'left handed". It has a few flaws - a patent Infallible Single Trigger being the main deviation from the factory standard guns. I hope to make a deal in the next few days.


Andrew Campbell said...

Mike: 16ga... and LH... surely this is a sign from the gods. Of all kinds of things, I'm sure, but it sounds like this gun has a new home.


Peter Houser said...

Andrew, I'm also betting that he takes it. Then it will probably take a couple years before I get a chance to admire it - he STILL has not shown me his Dickson ;)

Mike Spies said...

I did the trade. But I had to go to the Reno Gun Show to meet the seller. Big Mistake!

Lewis Drake has a Sumner engraved 16b. Purdey in a VC motor case for sale and I am now trying very hard to ignore it.

The Fox was checked out by Pete Mazur - barrels are excellent, as is the rest of the gun, and it is going off to Dennis Potter in the next week or so, along with a double trigger mechanism to replace the non-original single trigger.

Peter Houser said...

Now Mike, I gotta get this straight ... you trade the Harkom so that you can have a Fox and a spare Fox. That shows a certain twisted but commendable logic. But then you find a Purdey that calls to your soul and cannot be ignored? I fear that you are a very sick man. Now you will need a new bird dog to go with the new Purdey.

Peter Houser said...

But I gotta admit, if I run across a 16 ga Lindner I may have to ask my wife for dispensation. I might trade my 12 ga W-R droplock for it though. The thumb lever Purdey will stay.

Mike Spies said...


Didn't get the Purdey yet. I am hoping that I call him and find that it is sold... maybe. I would probably trade the Dickson for it... dunno.

I LIKE the logic of buying a Fox to go with my Fox. They are pretty close in weight and handling, and the stocks are very similar in dimensions.

Think prairie chickens.

Peter Houser said...

I endorde trading the Dickson for the Purdey. I love Dicksons but you seem to be a 16 ga kind of guy. Now that pair of Dickson 16 bores that we saw on the web a few years ago - those could have motivated a guy to some serious bank account damage.