Friday, February 20, 2009

Winner of the National Championship is named

The winner is Lester's Snowatch with a fine performance, given the conditions under which these dogs ran. An outstanding job altogether.

Jim Michaletz provides a view of what it was like for a dedicated owner & trialer to participate...

"What a ride. It started Nov. 1st after Jet won the Inola Open AA. Allen says we're going to Ames. and training starts today. I was so impressed by What Allen was doing, and the response he was getting from the dogs, I had to post some pictures to try and show what all was involved. At this point I felt we could do the 3 hours no problem, it was whether or not Allen could keep him that long. As the training progressed it became apparent that this would not be a problem. Jet was responding perfectly, and the Two of them were on the same page. Now the issue was whether or not the birds would be on that page, or a different one.

Then came the drawing. The Setter Hype. . Then, the most exhilarating 3 hours of my life. I never dreamed Allen and Jet would perform so great. Was it just me? No, it was confirmed, right when we finished Larry Huffman told me that is a job you can be proud of. Also Robin and Hunter Gates, and the Furney's acknowledged a superb performance. The gallery was buzzing the entire 3 hours, some applauding after birdwork. A lot of support for us. Big time.

Next is the long week. Some dogs have good runs, but word from the inside is most had hiccups. The announcement of the winner was not a let down for us, as we were just grateful to be there. The performance became elation, that was not expected, as well as the support from all our friends and others whom wished us the best. Never knew we had so many in the trial world."

What a great sport!

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