Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a petition to consider

For those of you concerned about dog owners' rights and privileges being curtailed by the aggressive lobbying of animal rights organizations like PETA and HSUS who see the recent change in presidential leadership as a golden opportunity, please consider completing this petition put together by PetPAC.

PetPAC is a California-based pet owners advocacy group that is best-known for its efforts in coordinating resistance to a recurring piece of mandatory spay-neuter legislation most recently known as AB1634 -- and happily retired, at least for now.


Live to Hunt.... said...

More time than not my own state is just an embarassment. We keep watching for the next effort to push the dog police legislation (sigh...)

Mike Spies said...

It is important to be heard in government. HSUS has a war chest well over $100 million, and they are primarily a Political Action organization.

We beat back mandatory Spay and Neuter (AB1634) in California twice. It was a stinging defeat for HSUS, but I expect that, failing in the legislature, they will be back with a statewide ballot initiative.

Stand up, or lay down.

AlphaSetter said...

Done. Thanks for the blog and link on this.