Thursday, October 30, 2008


While this year showed sparse populations of chukars, we did find some reasonable coveys - not what we had hoped for, but reasonable.

The good news is that Huns seem to have held up very well, especially in NE Oregon, where we had good dogwork and shooting on numerous, good-sized coveys of Hungarian partridge. They are simply a hardier bird than the chukars. 

The photo above is by Clair Kofoed, and was published in Grays Sporting Journal 2008 bird hunting issue. I sniped it by scanning the page... my 'fee' for being the model. Hope I do not get a 'lawyergram' asking me to remove it, since it is a terrific photo.


Ed. said...

That is indeed a terrific photo. What kind of shotgun is that? Beautiful. Nice blog.

Mike Spies said...


The shotgun is Fox 16 with some better wood and new engraving.

Thanks for the comments on the blog - I enjoy maintaining it.