Saturday, July 19, 2008

A nice old gun is made new

Note: Though I posted a bit on this gun earlier this year, I thought to fill in a little more background...

Though I am certainly not a collector of shotguns, I have been interested in some makers' work and am agnostic to country of origin, owning American, English, Scottish, Spanish, German and Italian arms over the years. 

In particular, I have been interested in an American firm - Schoverling, Daly and Gales of New York - importers and sellers of the famous Charles Daly guns early in the last century. Of these guns the most well respected are the guns made for SD&G by H. Lindner of Suhl.  When Clair Kofoed called me and said that a friend had a 'hard used' 20 gauge, 28" Damascus barreled Lindner Daly I was interested, and when I met Clair in Southern Oregon for a chukar hunt, I saw and bought the gun. It was tired, the wood scarred and worn and below the metal in places - not saveable. But the barrels were superb bright inside, poorly blued (Ack!) on the outside, but in excellent condition, the proper thickness for safe shooting. and stamped with H. A. Lindner's easily recognized maker's mark... the initials HAL over crossed pistols on the barrels near the flats.

On my annual trip to the American Custom Gunmaker's and Firearms Engraver's Guild of America exhibit in Reno, I brought the gun along to consult with people who are experts in the resurrection of fine guns. Long story made shorter, I left the gun with Dennis Potter for assessment and repair, bought a decent stick of Turkish walnut from Steve Heilmann, and arranged with Sam Welch, Pete Mazur and Gary Goudy to recut the engraving, refinish the metal, and restock the gun, respectively. Below is the excellent result. Click on photos for an enlarged view

This little gun (about 5-1/2 lbs.) is fun to carry and shoot, and has accounted for a number of doves and quail. It is 'right' for me. I thank Dennis, Sam, Pete, and Gary for their usual excellent work in resurrecting a fine old gun for another 100 plus years of service. 

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Andrew Campbell said...

Mike: that sure is pretty. If I didn't need to get a new truck, I'd have a few guns to look for myself.

Thanks, too, for the Strideaway post. It's early beginnings look pretty impressive.