Friday, June 20, 2008

The Complete Guide to Wing Shooting - by Alex Brant

I bought this book based on the well done technical articles that Mr. Brant has written for Shooting Sportsman Magazine. The book presents a strange mixture of the obvious and arcane. 

On one hand, Brant delves intelligently into shotguns and gun fit, chokes and patterning, and how to hit clays and high driven birds. Good stuff. But Brant, primarily and by his own admission a clay target and driven bird shooter, short changes the type of upland shooting that must of us do in North America, hardly a useful word beyond talking about his dogs. That, and the superfluous advice on how to dress oneself, makes a book that would not satisfy the North American hunter who shoots over his flushing or pointing dogs. 

Mr. Brant writes in a voice that feels somewhat condescending... I cannot put my finger on it exactly, but I am pretty sure that I do not want to go bird shooting with him. 

Save your money to buy Bob Brister's Shotgunning, the Art and Science.

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Andrew Campbell said...

Could have warned you. Sorry, Mike. For all the good stuff that is in this book, it isn't at all focused on the hard work of upland shooting.

Now Bob Brister's book... not a whole lot about dogs in there either. But everything you could want to know about how a shotgun shoots.