Sunday, May 25, 2008

A tiny brag

Ted notched a win this weekend in the Santa Clara Valley BDC trial at the Narbaitz Ranch in Little Panoche, CA. He earned first in the Walking Shooting Dog stake with a nice effort. This is Ted's first season competing as a broke dog, and he is starting to stretch out to a pleasing distance without losing the handle that we worked on when he was a puppy. 

Nine month old Tommy ran in his first trial - the horseback Shooting Dog Derby stake and he is starting to figure things out a bit. At this stage I certainly did not expect a placement, and he did not earn one. Fooling around with puppies is great fun, seeing them develop day by day. Tommy will be going to Summer Camp in North Dakota at the end of June for exposure to lots of sharp-tailed grouse, and will be hunted for the first time this Fall.


Nino said...

Hi Mike,

It is nice to see you and the dogs on the top of the game. Tried to call you multiple times but no luck.

If you are in town lets get for a coffe


Mike Spies said...


Please e-mail me at: mike (at) autohomeus (dot) com. I lost your cell number when by Windows machine died.

Andrew Campbell said...

Mike: congrats on your outing with the dogs! Hopefully we'll finish up a couple of hunt test qualifications this weekend -- and then run both boys in a hunting dog stake at the end of June.

best wishes

Jimmy Neutron said...


Congrats to you and Ted!


Dale Hernden said...

Well Done!