Sunday, February 17, 2008

A tiny brag

Ted and I ran in the AFTCA Region 11 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship at Little Panoche Wildlife Area this weekend. There were 16 dogs entered, all with AF placements and some of them already champions.

Ted ran for an hour, had four solid broke finds, two backs, a stop-to-flush and finished well with no errors. I was very happy with my young dog - his best performance yet.

The winner was Kelly's Rebel Maggie, pointer female, second brace--owned and handled by Sean Kelly. This is her 14th championship win! The runner-up was "Tuffy", a Sheldon Twer customer dog run by Jim Wolthuis in the 8th brace. Maggie had five finds and "Tuffy" had six. I could be ungracious and note that the six finds came in the final brace after the course had been 'reseeded' with birds multiple times... but I won't.

Proud of my young dog!

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Dale Hernden said...

Good luck Mike I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.