Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ted's Training - work, work, work!

In Late september I was at training camp in South Dakota with Keith Hickam of Waco, TX. Keith had been working with my young dog, Ted, to prepare him for a life of birds and adventure. Keith's website may be found HERE. Ted enjoyed the whole experience, especially the birds. Keith was working to refine Ted's manners around birds, as Ted likes them a little too well. 

Nothing makes a bird dog like birds. I have developed Ted since he was a puppy, working him on wild birds in Washington, Oregon, Texas, Nevada and Oklahoma. John Yates worked with Ted in Oklahoma on wild bobwhites at his winter camp when Ted was less than one year old. Ted had a couple of hunting seasons with lots of exposure before he went to camp with Keith. 

When I picked up Ted at camp at the end of September he was a better bird dog. I took him directly to Montana for three weeks, then returned to South Dakota for a week of pheasant hunting. Returning to the West Coast in November, I entered Ted in a US Complete Shooting Dog trial and he placed, so he is now qualified to run in AF Championship trials. Ted is currently with Sheldon Twer being polished to compete in the Region 11 Amateur Walking Shooting Championship in February.

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